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Language & Lemonade: Hands On Fun For Speech Therapy

Let’s face it.  Kids don’t always want to work on language skills at home.  They want to play their video games.  Text or “Snappy Chat” their friends.  Yes, you read that right…”Snappy Chat.”  If you are lucky, they enjoy reading.  But working on talking, answering questions, describing?  That’s a big NO.  But it’s ok.  Sometimes during therapy sessions, they don’t want to work either.  However, if you are eating or drinking?  You’ve got their attention!

That’s where you insert a recipe for a fun hands on, language enriched activity! Since it’s summer time, and 125 degrees in the shade, lemonade is a great recipe to make!  You can make it easy and use a mix that you add water to.  Or you can get crazy and make it from scratch…you know juice the lemons, boil the sugar.  When I make it at home, that’s my preferred method.  I can’t find my exact recipe but here is one that is very similar to mine.  Nothing beats a good cup of cold lemonade…that the kids HELPED make!  Making lemonade with the kids is a great language enriched task.  Planning the grocery lists, measuring, is the water hot or cold, safety awareness around the stove top…ALL OF THIS SUPER BENEFICIAL to your child’s language skills! 

Have your child get cups ready with ice.  If he is old enough, have him pour the lemonade.  Work on using pronouns like “Pour some in your cup”  “Put ice in his cup” are just a few examples.  As you enjoy the lemonade with your child, talk about the steps you went through to make it.  What did you do first?  What did you do last?  Have your child get paper out  and list or draw the steps.

Describe it!

How does the lemonade taste?  Is it cold?  Does it tastes sweet or sour?  Pull in some science terms-is it a solid or a liquid?  If you have an afternoon open, make different types of lemonade-raspberry lemonade, lavender lemonade, etc.  Pinterest has TONS of recipes!  Then talk about which one you liked best or which is least favorite.  All of this gets your child talking and using those language skills!!!

Looking for some cute lemonade books?

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Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money

Lemonade Stand

Now…go make lemonade!!!

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