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What’s in a Name? 5 Tips for Naming Your Speech Therapy Business

What is in a name?  You want to start a business, whether it’s a speech therapy practice or a TPT store, but you don’t know what to name it.  A while back I wrote a blog post about why I named my practice Speech Chick Therapy.  (Here’s the link to it.).   Lots of thought went into naming my practice.  It’s a lot of pressure…very similar to naming a child.  If you think about it, building a business is a lot like birthing and raising a child.   You will be saying that name multiple times a day.  You will have it in print on business cards, brochures, referral forms and other marketing materials.   If you screw it up, you’re looking at that name you hate constantly.  So you have to get this one right.  RELAX!  The more pressure you add to yourself, the more you stifle your creative juices.  The right name will come to you when it is ready.

Want to listen instead of read?  Here’s the podcast link!

Things to Keep In Mind When Naming Your Speech Therapy Business

Here’s 5 things to keep in mind when naming your business.  Don’t worry, print this handy dandy worksheet set to help you through the process.

1.  Where do you want to see your business in 5 years?  Will your practice grow to have multiple employees?  What disciplines will you offer?  If you are a blogger, will your focus change from speech therapy to DIY home decor?  It is hard to predict now but try.  The name you picked today needs to be able to grow with you.  It is time consuming and a hassle to change names later down the road.

2.  How does it sound when you say it?  Does it roll off your tongue?  Does it sound awkward?  Remember, you are saying this for the next 20 years.  You don’t need to  just be able to “live with it.”  You need to love it!

3.  Spelling!  Do you have a unique spelling?  If you spell it differently, people are going to find it difficult to search for you on social media and the rest of the Internet!  If they cannot find you, business does not grow!  This rings especially true for bloggers and TpT stores.  If your TpT/blog store is called “Speech Therapy Worx,” just don’t do it!  Don’t try to be cute.    I’m going to go looking for you if your store did not pop up when I typed “Speech Therapy Works” in my search bar.  You may have had the cutest idea/product EVER in the history of speech therapy, but I am not going to go looking for you.  I have a client in 10 minutes so I don’t have time for that.

4.  Are the social media handles available?  What about the domain name?  This is now a major consideration when naming a business.  Make sure if you are running a TpT store or blog, that everything matches!  Same goes for a private practice!  If your domain is your business name but your Facebook is a variation of it and your IG is your personal name-JUST NO!  Nobody is going to remember all that.  If I can’t remember what I wore yesterday, how am I supposed to keep up with all of your info?!

5.  Does your business reflect you?  This is really important if it just you.  You are the business whether it is a blog, PP or TpT store.  It needs to reflect your personality.  The name is the start of this “persona” or character trait of the business.  Have you ever met someone and thought after the introduction, “Wow! This lady does not look like a Gertrude?”  It’s the same with your business.  When someone sees your site or logo with the name, what feeling do you want it to convey?  If you are building  a practice with the intention of hiring others, what is the feeling you want it to reflect?

Ready to start planning?  Here’s a set of worksheets to help you plan that perfect name!

I am no business coach.  This is the only business I have ever built.  I am not a habitual business builder.  I’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into this practice/TpT store/blog…and now a podcast.  But you know what?  People remember my name.  I’m the SLP with the bright logo and catchy name.    I see Facebook posts in groups ALL THE TIME asking for suggestions.  No one is going to know your business quite like you.  Spend some time with it.  Ask people who truly know you.  Let the choices you come up with marinade over time.   In a week, if there is one that grown on you, maybe it was meant to be.  Don’t stress over it.  Remember it’s like naming a child.  You will know the right name when it hits you!  I started brainstorming for my practice well before I even wanted to start a practice.  You got this!!!  I would love for you to comment or email to tell your new adventure’s name!!!

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