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Winter Apps for Speech Therapy

The holidays are behind us and it seems all those cute Christmas apps we during our speech therapy sessions are not relevant. How about some cute winter themed apps? I have a few that I am absolutely loving right now for the month of January. I have been using most of them in my sessions the past couple of weeks. Some are for reward; some are great for language targets!

Peek-A-Boo Pole-Play ‘n’ Learn

Doodahboo- Dreamware Solutions

I like these apps for my toddler population. It’s the classic game except this one features polar animals such as a polar bear, penguin, whale and a puffin! My little guys like to play peek-a-boo with the app to see what animal pops up. I like that it teaches some new vocabulary! The app is brightly colored, and the animals are big. When you uncover them, each animal makes a noise that kiddos can try to imitate. I bought the entire set of apps or you can just purchase this one.

A Winter Game for Children: Learn and Play with Animals of the Far North

Philipp Metzler

Another cute app with bright graphics and cute animals. When this app opens, you choose a number on the screen. There are 5 different games to choose from. Each gives you a different task to complete. In #1, you must find the boy hiding.   In another, you must match the animals to their silhouette or sort the penguins by their size. Your preschoolers will enjoy this app!


Dress for Winter

TinyTap, Games by Teachers

I love this app! I use the “play” mode which tells the story of a boy wanting to play outside. But it’s cold and rainy. Each page gives the listener a set of choices in which he must pick the best clothing option. It is the listener’s job to get the boy dressed to play outside.

Snowman Maker

Crazy Cats

There are tons of snowmen builders in the app store. The reason I like this one is because the backgrounds are realistic. This app can be used with your older elementary clients while they work on describing or articulation skills. To work on describing, have them make their snowman. Then give a description of the snowman-either verbally or written. If articulation is being targeted, for each word he produces 3x, he can place something on the snowman.

Winter Puzzle for Kids

Creative Connections s.r.o

Flip through the winter scene and choose the animal you would like to put together. Little ones love watching the animal come together. After they complete the puzzle, the animal comes to life with sound and movement. Each animal can be put together with just a few pieces.

These are my main “go to” apps during my winter themes.  I do my best to have a few apps to use in my speech therapy sessions each month. It’s nice to have your favorites but it’s refreshing to have some ones that are only used every once in a while! Let me know what your favorite winter themed apps are that you use in your speech therapy sessions!

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