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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Scarecrows

What is it about speech therapy and scarecrows?  I love this theme…yes I know, I say that about every one of my themes.  But this one really gets me ready for fall.  Maybe it’s the fact that we dipped into the cooler temps in my area.  Because in Texas, Fall is 83 degrees!

Speech Therapy Activities for Scarecrows

Scarecrow Books for Speech Therapy

Lots of people use this one in a leaves theme unit but I like for scarecrows!  Who doesn’t love the old lady? I like this one because kids do not know how to make scarecrows.  With less and less home gardens, there are less families making a scarecrow or two to keep the birds away from the veggies.  “There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves” lends itself to great sequencing and inferencing activities.  You can ask questions like “What does she a pole?” or “What will she do with a rope?”

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves! by [Lucille Colandro]

The Little Scarecrow Boy is a great little story for your older students.  I use it with my clients that are 3rd grade and up.  It’s a classic story of a little boy who just wants to be like his big scary scarecrow dad.  He learns all his dad’s tricks before he sneaks out one morning to scare crows.  It ends with him conquering his fears and goals to be the best scarecrow in all the world.

Speech Therapy Activities

This year I added a few new scarecrow themed activities.    The first one is a packet of activities that include both articulation and language activities that are low to no prep!

Scarecrow Packet for Speech Therapy

The next product is a set of two booklets that address quantities and plurals.

Scarecrow Concept Booklets for Speech Therapy

The very last product is a set of 3 booklets that address spatial concepts, “what” questions and “where” questions.

Scarecrow Spatial Concept Booklets for Speech Therapy

Sensory Bin

This bin is ADORABLE!  The base of everything is some glittery vase filler that I found at craft store.  You could also use unpopped corn kernels which would be totally cute!  Then I added a few mini straw hats, pieces of flannel, a couple of mini pumpkins and leaves, and a handful of plastic acorns.  A few of my little ones are working on -ing verbs, pronouns and sentence structure.  So these little crows I made were perfect!  You can get the freebie here!

Scarecrow Craft

Need an easy craft?  No problem!  All you need are brown paper bags and construction paper!  You could easily substitute the bag for a paper plate.  For my artic clients, I wrote their target words on the scarecrow’s hat.  Other than that, this craft was the same for everyone.

Our week with scarecrows was pretty successful.  What activities do you like to do in the fall?

Need more fun fall activities?  Check out last week’s fun with leaves!

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