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Light Switch Articulation: Tips for Parents

Parents often struggle with working on articulation at home.  Most parents will correct their child during day to day interactions-which is GREAT!  But the trouble is making it fun!  I have come up with a few ideas in the past to work on articulation such as using flashlights.  Today’s tip is equally as easy!  All you need is a few notecards to write words on and some tape.

Articulation Tips for Parents


Set up for the Activity

Write words with your child’s target sound on index cards.  Only write one word per card.  Tape a card to each light switch your child uses.  Make sure the child flips these switches or has access to these switches regularly throughout the day.  My kids rarely go in my bedroom or bathroom so I would not put cards on either of those switches.  But living room, kitchen, den, hallway, and their bedrooms and bathrooms would all get cards!  Depending on the age of your child, you might even put one on the laundry room switch too!

Addressing Articulation with the Activity

Each time the child enters the room with a light switch card, he has to practice the word correctly 3x.  Once he’s practiced it correctly, then he can carry on as usual in the room!  When he leaves the room, he has to practice the word again 3x before turning off the switch and moving on.

Articulation Tips for Parents

Adapting the Activity

Let’s say your kiddo is not a reader, just use pictures!  Whether you draw them (you go, artsy girl!), use clipart or stickers, find pictures that fit your child’s target sound.

Have a kiddo not in speech?  First of all, not sure why you are reading my blog BUT welcome!!  Second, this activity can easily be adapted for sight words, letters/sounds, simple math, shapes, or colors.

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