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Work From Home? Home Office Makeover

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw some posts of my home office makeover. Let me give you a little background on my home office. We moved 4 years ago into my childhood home. My parents had moved out and the house was vacant. So we sold our house in a little neighborhood about 10 miles away to live in a bigger house out in the country. It’s quiet, peaceful, and my parents live by us. In our den, there’s a little room…more like a long closet with no windows. That’s my home office. My dad used it as a dark room for photography and other random hobbies. I call it Speech Chick Therapy’s World Headquarters.

 It was brown paneling with brown cabinets.  Nothing to write home about.  It was dark and uninspiring.  I had been wanting to change it since we moved in but just didn’t have the time… until now!

Before the Makeover. Not real pretty, right?

So I took a day off, cleaned out my office and started painting.  I went with a bright white paint since I knew I would be using lots of pink accents!  (I am the Speech Chick after all!)  All the walls were painted white.  Thankfully, I only have 1 long wall and two small ones.

Home Office Makeover

I ran out of white paint just as it was time to paint the cabinets.  Instead of running out to get paint, I used some leftover turquoise spray paint (Rust-oleum’s Seaside in Gloss) in my cabinet.  I LOVED IT!!!  This might be my most favorite part of this home office makeover!

Cabinet Color of Home Office Makeover

In my office, there’s one long counter that has this gorgeous faux marble vinyl (yes, there’s sarcasm there!).  It is also the backsplash.  It was really ugly now with the bright white walls.  New counters were not in the budget so I covered them!!  For the backsplash, I covered it in super cute black and white houndstooth vinyl (code: contact paper).  The counters are covered in peel and stick tile that resembles wood flooring.

Home Office Makeover

Home Office Makeover: Desk Glam

My desk is an original.  My dad built it to go in this little room when they owned the house.  I never remember it being anywhere else other than this room.  I debated on painting it since it was something my dad built.  Two coat of shiny gloss black spray paint later and I was glad I did!  I think added glitter spray paint as a top coat.  (Word of advice:  buy the sealer that goes with it…unless you want to sparkle like Tinkerbell!)  I recovered an ugly old desk chair after I painted the frame to shiny black.

The gallery wall above my desk is something I looked forward to putting together!  I collected positive little signs to  keep me in a “SLP BOSS” frame of mind.  I really liked how it turned out.  I also like that my basket of “to be written” reports sits right in front of my face!

Letterboard-Walmart | (Bulletin Board- Marshall’s | Basket-Hobby Lobby | Motivational Signs- The Trendy Sparrow |

Did you notice the bright pink rug on my floor?  I found this little cutie on Rugs USA.  It was exactly what I wanted.  The rug came just how it was described in the picture.  My rug is the Ashlina Printed Persian Overdyed Vintage Rug in the 4’4″x6′ rectangle.  It comes in 3 other colors but pink was what I wanted.  Shipping was super fast too!

I don’t see clients in my home so there’s no therapy space here.  This is just my little place to write reports, blog and create materials.  With all my SLP peeps showing off their cute classrooms, I thought I would show off my home office…that no ones sees but my family!

I will be podcasting from this cute home office soon!

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