What the SLP wore

Speech Chick’s Friday Favs: Accessories

The best part of any outfit is what you put with it.  Today’s Friday Favorites are brought to you by accessories!  Even though I work with kids (some that are very little), I still like to look professional in my scrubs.  Scrubs can make me look frumpy and careless.  Put a pair of scrubs with a cute graphic tee and earrings, maybe a bracelet or two and BOOM…you look cute!  The accessories I chose are very much “job approved.”  I have worn each and every one of them while working with a rambunctious 2 year old!

What the SLP Wore

Accessory #1: Nickel and Suede

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LOVE Nickel and Suede leather earrings!  My goal is to have a pair in every color so that I can wear them everyday.  (My goal is a true goal- The SLP will purchase a set of earrings from Nickel and Suede each week until she has purchased all pairs listed on their website.)  I order the small size but you can choose from small, medium and large.  They are lightweight.  I honestly forget that I have them on most days.  The best part about these earrings is they add instant and style to your outfit, without even trying hard.

What the SLP Wore

Accessory #2: Ermish Bracelets

In order for me to like a bracelet, it has to make it through one of my busiest days without annoying me.  If I take it off midday because it got on my nerves, then I probably won’t ever wear it again.  It cannot be loose or have a clasp.  That’s why Erimish bracelets have become a favorite!  You can wear single bracelets but they look the best stacked!  They are not cheap by any means but I also do not get the big bulky bracelets.  I buy the smaller ones and only wear about 3-4 maximum.  They don’t interfere with therapy and are seldom a distraction.  (However, we all know if a little one wants to get out of working, they’ll find a distraction!)  You can also find necklaces and other accessories!

What the SLP wore
All the heart eyes for this stack!!!

Accessory #3: Kinsley Armelle

This is a newer discovery on social media.  I LOVE my Kinlsey Armelle bangle!  This company is based in Texas so of course, it had to go on my list!!  (I love my Texas shops!!!)  I recently purchased a bangle in blush.  BEAUTIFUL!  While it does fit loose, it stays on my wrist and does not interfere with therapy.  I wear it a lot!  I will usually pair it with some Erimish bracelets.  You can also find earrings and necklaces on this site.  Another impressive thing about Kinsley Armelle is the fast shipping!!!  I think it took 2 days from the time I ordered until the time is was on my arm!

Accessory #4: Kimonos & Cardigans

Since it is summer time while I write this, I am going to talk more about kimonos.  I have a couple of bright colored ones that I will wear with scrub pants and a graphic tee.  Of course, if you pair it with jeans or a skirt, it looks great too.  Kimonos are great for dressing up a fun tee.  Add a little bling (like the 3 above), some cute shoes and you are ready with little to no effort!  Kimonos like this one add some great color to a simple outfit.  Once the weather starts to cool off, I go to be my “collection” of cardigans.  ( I am planning on entire post on that in the fall!)

Accessory #5: Converse

No, I’m not sponsored by Converse.  But I do love their shoes!  I won’t say I have a pair in every color, but I have quite a few pairs (There is a reason the shoe has already been part of my logo!)  A graphic tee, light sweater, couple of cute accessories and your converse…you have a cute comfy outfit without even trying.  It’s like you can’t go wrong!  Plus, these shoes go with EVERYTHING!  Scrub pants, shorts, pants, capris, wedding dresses…the list goes on and on.  I just designed a pair on their website.  I am counting down the days until they get here.  I may very well take off work the day of scheduled delivery so that I can accept them personally from Mr. Delivery Man.  (Actually, no I won’t do that!)

So there you have it.  Another Friday Favs with Speech Chick!  I did not add purses or other bags because I was aiming for this to be about what you could wear to work whether you wear dress clothes or scrubs.  I added links to find everything.  There are no sponsors so anything you buy goes directly to the company.  I just really love these accessories and wanted to share with you!

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