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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Basketball

It’s January but it’s also known as basketball season at my house.  So I thought it would be fun to have basketball theme in my speech therapy sessions!  You could easily use this theme anytime from November to May!  The best part is you don’t have to know anything about basketball to use this theme.


I have two books-one for boys and one for girls.  These are more appropriate for school age kiddos but some of my 4 year old really enjoy the books.

“Dino Basketball” by Lisa Wheeler combines dinosaurs and sports… of course the boys love it!  There are several more in her series (which I will be buying!)  The illustrations are bright and full of activity (that’s code for “stimulates spontaneous conversation by the child!).  My boys are so eager to correct me if I happen to call a dinosaur by the wrong name too.

Dino-Basketball (Carolrhoda Picture Books) by [Wheeler, Lisa]

The next book is for my girls.  I like it because even if I have a girl who doesn’t like basketball, she will still remain interested in the story.  Who doesn’t love to get all dressed up?  “The Basket Ball” such a cute story about a little girl who loves to play basketball but the boys won’t let her play with them.  So she invites girls from all around the world who share the same love for basketball.  Each girl gets all dressed up but instead of heels, they sport their favorite basketball sneakers.

The Basket Ball by [Codell, Esmé Raji]

TpT Activities

I used a few different activities from various sellers as well as some of my own.  To work on description skills, I used Describing NBA Mascots from Speech Room News.  I found this little packet of goodies last year and loved it!

Describing NBA Mascots (Basketball Speech Therapy)

Basketball Pronouns was a freebie I found last year on Crazy Speech World!  It works on the pronouns “he” and “she.”  It’s perfect for your school age kiddos needing to work on pronouns! For my younger (preschool) clients, I made  booklets they can complete in therapy and take home for practice.  We also have playdough smash mats to work on addressing he, she, his, and hers.

Basketball Pronoun Freebie!

Basketball Pronoun Packet for Speech Therapy

For articulation activities, I used my own activities.  “Hoopin” With Articulation” is a packet of activities to get you through the entire week!  It includes 3 activities that are open ended and NO PREP!  The 4th activity is playdough smush mats that do require laminating.    It has mats for F,K,G,S,R,L and blends.  Just grab a jar of orange playdough to go with it.

Basketball Games for Speech Therapy

To work on spatial concepts and “where” questions, I really like this positions game.  You can use it as a traditional matching game or a bingo-type game.  I got this game when I first started undergrad!

Speech Therapy Activties for BasketballI like to use this little game to reinforce articulation, turn taking or as a general reward for a good job!  It’s cute and portable.  It doesn’t take long to set up either!  Super Shooter Basketball is definitely something to keep your bag of tricks!

Needing something to work on grammar?  How about modifying a basketball?!  I found the Fisher Price basketballs and modified them for articulation and grammar.  Clients from preschool to school age loved this one!  For articulation, write numbers 1-5 all over the basketball.  To use it in therapy, roll/toss to the child.  When he catches it, tell him to see what number is under one  of his thumbs.  That’s how many times he has to say his word correctly!  For grammar, write verbs (or nouns) of various tenses on the ball.  Play the same except the child has to put the word in a sentence or give the present or past tense (or singular/plural for nouns).

Speech Therapy Activities for BasketballSo what activities do you use during basketball week?


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