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Speech Therapy Theme: Penguins

We are waddling through speech therapy this week with penguins!  We can do all sorts of things with penguins.  ADDED BONUS?  The kids love penguins!

Speech Therapy Theme for Penguins


Penguin Problems by Jory John is  great book for your school age kiddos.  The penguin in the book only looks at the negatives surrounding him.  He only starts to see the beauty around him when a stranger (walrus) points it out to him.  It might even be a good book for adults too!! You can find a freebie to use with this book in my TpT store.

Penguin Book for Speech Therapy

Little Penguins by Cynthia Rylant is a cute and simple book that is great for preschoolers.  The little penguins are so excited to go play in the snow! Follow the 5 little penguins as they watch the snow fall from in their igloo to venturing out to play and back home for warm jammies and cookies. You can find a resource in my TpT store to go along with this book.

Penguin book for speech therapy

TpT Activities for Speech Therapy:

I have an assortment of activities that are penguin themed this week.  So I am using the new penguin packet from my TpT site.  I love File Folder Heaven’s stuff too!  I found her back around October on TpT and absolutely fell in love with her simple activities for my kids!  This week I prepped several of her file folder games as well as 2 interactive books (One for positions-first,last,right, left, etc and the other addresses “where” questions and spatial concepts)!  I have one more interactive book that I am using this week from The Speech Space.  You can find an interactive book about arctic animals in her winter interactive book set (not pictured). If you are working with mostly preschoolers, I have uploaded a fun language resource that addresses verbs, simple spatial concepts, following directions and vocabulary.

Penguin activities for speech therapy

Penguin File Folder Games

Penguins Adapted Book (Position Words)--

Penguin Adapted Book--

Preschool language resource for penguins speech therapy

Toys and Games for Speech Therapy:

The penguin popper has been a huge hit!  I use it with my young clients to work on “more,” “again,” “pop,” following directions, counting (1,2,3,POP!) as well as a behavior reward!

Penguin Toy for Speech Therapy

The Melissa and Doug Penguin Stacker is another favorite!  I have several of these stacker toys.  Each time I bring one in, the kiddos go crazy.  Again, I can work on “more,” “please,” body parts (like feet, wings, head), top/bottom and following directions.  It can also be used as a reward.

“Don’t Rock the Boat” is a fun game for your school age crowd.  I’ve used it with the preschool population before but they get frustrated and don’t quite understand the concept of balance.  I created an articulation game companion for this game that I will be using later this week.  It is one of my best selling products and recently got a facelift! You can also find the language game companion here.

So what are your favorite penguin themed activities? Looking for penguin crafts? I got you. Check out this post.

Looking for some free resources to have at your fingertips? You can find them here!

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