Books for Speech Therapy

Using “Snail Mail” in Speech Therapy

“Snail Mail” was my book share choice on Instagram this week. While it does explain the mail system accurately, it is a cute book to read during your mail carrier theme in speech therapy. The story of 4 snails (all with different personalities) take on the huge task of traveling across the country to deliver… Continue reading Using “Snail Mail” in Speech Therapy

Organized SLP

Setting Up Thematic Speech Therapy: Part 2

Now that you've chosen a theme, you need to start preparing your speech therapy materials.  I start with books.  I try to pick several different books to cover age ranges, attention span and language targets.  Sometimes, it is easy.  But sometimes it's not!  The book you choose sets the tone for your speech therapy sessions. … Continue reading Setting Up Thematic Speech Therapy: Part 2