Antics of the Speech Chick

Tips for the Struggling Teletherapist

I have written a series of blog posts over the last month or two, full of my thoughts of COVID-19 and my confessions about how much I am disliking teletherapy. If you missed any of those, I will link them at the bottom. But my recent blog post is what inspired this podcast episode. It's… Continue reading Tips for the Struggling Teletherapist

Antics of the Speech Chick, SLPreneuer

“Do I Need a Blog?,” asked the SLPreneur

Want to take a listen?  Click here! You are the kick butt SLPreneur.  You are a mover and a shaker.  Your therapy practice is growing.  Or maybe you're a TpT author whose store is taking off.  The frequent question of "Do I need a blog?" Has popped into your brain a few times.  Maybe you've… Continue reading “Do I Need a Blog?,” asked the SLPreneur