Themed Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Theme: Ice Cream

It's the last week of May and that means we have an ice cream theme in speech therapy all week long!!! When I was in the schools, we would make ice cream or have an ice cream party to celebrate the school year. As a traveling SLP, I can't bring ice cream to the homes… Continue reading Speech Therapy Theme: Ice Cream

Organized SLP, SLPreneuer

Why I Use A Paper Planner: The Traveling SLP

A paper planner is this traveling SLP’s jam. There is nothing better than a brand new planner at the beginning of the year, just waiting to be written in. I tried the whole phone calendar thing, but I prefer to see everything written out in my handwriting with colored pens. Who else is with me?… Continue reading Why I Use A Paper Planner: The Traveling SLP