Antics of the Speech Chick, SLPreneuer

Chapter 8: My Journey to Private Practice

I don't think I have ever shared my full journey to private practice on the blog. I always get emails asking how I started and how did I know it was right for me. I am addressing all of those today. So buckle up buttercup! Here we go! I can't remember the exact date I… Continue reading Chapter 8: My Journey to Private Practice


Speech Chick’s Friday Favs: Podcasts

Something I recently discovered is the podcast. Now I'm addicted! Like seriously, "get in my car and start a motivating podcast and never switch to the radio" addicted. I listen to mostly business related podcasts that are by women. I guess that is what I am drawn to since I am a female business owner.… Continue reading Speech Chick’s Friday Favs: Podcasts