Snacking in Speech Therapy: Camping Treat Bags

When I do a theme in speech therapy, I like to have matching stickers/ treats/prizes to go along with it. (I'm weird like that).   Sometimes, it's not always that easy. I will admit the camping theme was a little difficult. Lots of my kiddos have allergies or special diets so not everyone can have a… Continue reading Snacking in Speech Therapy: Camping Treat Bags

Themed Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Camping

Usually I stick with the same themes from year to year.  I add a new one every once in a while.  Camping was a new theme for speech this year.  It was not originally on my schedule.  But when I went to plan my summer speech therapy themes, I thought it would a be a fun one… Continue reading Speech Therapy Theme Review: Camping