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“Light Up Language” in Speech Therapy

Finding ways to keep kids engaged and interested in speech therapy can be a tricky feat for even the most creative SLP.  After you have spent countless hours on creating ridiculously fabulous lessons (Great job, by the way!), there will always be that one kid that is like "Meh."  Or maybe you are the SLP… Continue reading “Light Up Language” in Speech Therapy

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Use “Wreck this Journal” in Speech Therapy

My daughter bought a “Wreck this Journal” several months ago at a book store. I really did not know much about them. Then, she asked for another one for Christmas. So, I started looking at them. Man!!! How cool would these be to use in speech therapy?! Yes, even as a mother, I look at… Continue reading Use “Wreck this Journal” in Speech Therapy

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Tips for Enriching Language with Halloween Candy!

It's Halloween!  It's probably #2 on the scale of "The Best Day of My Life" that every kid has.  And all you can think about is, "What the heck am I gonna do with all that candy?"   Well, you are in luck.  I just happen to think about writing this post just for parents (and SLPs)… Continue reading Tips for Enriching Language with Halloween Candy!

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Springtime Obstacle Course for Speech Therapy

Obstacle courses are so much fun in speech therapy! When I worked in the schools, I LOVED doing them...yes, like super big puffy heart loved them! I don't do them much in the home setting because it's just too hard to drag all that stuff from house to house.  Parents, don't think this is just… Continue reading Springtime Obstacle Course for Speech Therapy

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Easy Fridge Fun for Language Skills

If you have kids at home, chances are good they are constantly in the fridge!  Why not turn the fridge into a "language hub?"  We have a set of alphabet magnets on our fridge.  Both of my kids (15 and 10) love to create new phrases with the letters.  They have to get creative with… Continue reading Easy Fridge Fun for Language Skills

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Speech Therapy Tip: Flashlights & Language 

Last week, I wrote about how to use flashlights for articulation practice. The post was meant for speech therapists as well as parents. Now we are talking language and flashlights during speech therapy! This one can be set up similar to the articulation post but depending on what the child is practicing, it may look… Continue reading Speech Therapy Tip: Flashlights & Language