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The SLP’s Guide to Using “Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train” YouTube Video in Speech Therapy

We just finished up 3 weeks of a bug theme in our speech therapy sessions. I don't usually carry out my bug theme that long but COVID-19 and teletherapy happened. Now, I am sitting back, wondering why I have I never done this before?! My speech therapy sessions have had to take on an entirely… Continue reading The SLP’s Guide to Using “Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train” YouTube Video in Speech Therapy

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Tips for Enriching Language with Halloween Candy!

It's Halloween!  It's probably #2 on the scale of "The Best Day of My Life" that every kid has.  And all you can think about is, "What the heck am I gonna do with all that candy?"   Well, you are in luck.  I just happen to think about writing this post just for parents (and SLPs)… Continue reading Tips for Enriching Language with Halloween Candy!

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Light Switch Articulation: Tips for Parents

Parents often struggle with working on articulation at home.  Most parents will correct their child during day to day interactions-which is GREAT!  But the trouble is making it fun!  I have come up with a few ideas in the past to work on articulation such as using flashlights.  Today's tip is equally as easy!  All… Continue reading Light Switch Articulation: Tips for Parents


Adapting Puzzles for Speech Therapy

What does SLP doesn't love using puzzles during speech therapy? Puzzles are great language enrichment tools, easily used in sensory bins and awesome hide and seek reinforcers! I love to use the chunky wooden puzzles in therapy. But then I ran across this cute little 24 piece puzzle for just $1. What would I do… Continue reading Adapting Puzzles for Speech Therapy


Fluttering Through Speech Therapy

This week is speech therapy, we are talking about butterflies!  This theme is great to stretch from your little ones to school age kids.  It's the last theme in our bug unit so I try to save the best stuff for last! How does one do a butterfly theme and not use "The Very Hungry… Continue reading Fluttering Through Speech Therapy

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Using “Flipagram” for Articulation

 I use apps for articulation therapy everyday.  "Little Bee's Articulation Station" is my favorite!  However, sometimes I get tired of using the same pictures and words over and over.  I like to spice it up a little.  Keep the kids interested.  I had used an app called "Flipagram" before to make little videos of my kids. … Continue reading Using “Flipagram” for Articulation

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Artic Practice to Go!

As a traveling SLP, I spend ALOT of time in the car.  There's really nothing worse than getting to a client's house only to find out your therapy bag has spilled all over the back seat!  Hurriedly, you gather your stuff and pray that you picked it all up.  Then you get into the client's house, ready… Continue reading Artic Practice to Go!