Book Based Speech Therapy: “Little Owl’s Snow”

January is the perfect time to talk about snow in speech therapy. Really, you could drag it all the way into February. Especially in Texas, since we like to do it big in February…you know, rolling blackouts, roads frozen over, grocery stores depleted of all milk, bread and eggs, and let’s not forget the ever famous-Congressmen flying to warmer temps😂instead of sticking it out with us regular people.

I digress…back to the topic at hand.

I chose to use the book “Little Owl’s Snow” this month. Yep, for the entire month, we are only talking about this book and ALL of our activities are centered around it. I wrote this post recently about my switch from theme based to book based speech therapy. Be sure to check it out! You’ll thank me later when you realize how easy it is to plan sessions. If you want the free book companion that goes with this book, click here!

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“Little Owl’s Snow” is a precious little story about animals preparing for the cold and Little Owl deeply missing his hibernating friends. He learns “snow is a secret not everyone can know about” and enjoy the snow with his friend, Raccoon while it is here. I love this book for several reasons:

  • simple text
  • pictures lend themselves to much more discussion beyond the text
  • beautifully illustrated without being overstimulating
  • not a long story but still has a story line


With this book, I knew I needed to cover between 6-7 sessions plus a craft for my articulation clients. Those are the easy ones to plan. I like to use open ended activities. Open ended activities are activities with no target word lists. Being on the road all day, I can’t run the risk of bringing the wrong articulation page for someone. I copy one page for each artic client and write target words in our session as we work. It also keeps me from sending home a word that is too hard. (I only like to send home words the child was consistently successful with in the session.) For this book, we had a mix of cut and glue, dot paint, and interactive! A few were also made into language activities for those SLPs seeing children in groups. Everyone looks like they have the same page, but the work is different.

I have been loving interactive activities that can serve the needs of both language and articulation. This bag activity is set up for my artic client working on /s/ blends (with a focus on /sn/) However, in this same resource packet there are acorns with pictures on them to easily address grammar, verbs, pronouns, etc. Same craft, just different acorns! Want your own copy? Snag it here!


When I design language activities, I think of the goals I need to address this month. This allows me to rein in my ideas and cut down on spending time on activities that do not serve my purpose. I generally create 5-7 activities plus a craft. I really like to create two resources per goal so that we are getting repetitions consistently over the week. As mentioned above, I like to create at least 2 that can be used in mixed groups. Pages look the same but the targets are different. The language activities in this resource included make and take booklets (which I LOVE!), cut and glue as well as interactive. The areas of language targeted are verbs, sentence structure, grammar, pronouns, answering questions, describing and vocabulary. Below are two of the booklets that come in this free book companion!

This is an image of a resource booklet to use with Little  Owl's Snow

Book Inspired Craft

At the end of our month with the book, I like to bring it all to a close with a craft inspired by the book. Sometimes, I am really good and plan it well before the end of the month. Other times, I am planning it the night before. I like to think it’s all about balance!🤣 I create a craft that I can use with a variety of children. This craft must cover artic to language and anything in between. Another “must” is it has to be easy and not a ton of materials.

This is an image of the craft from Little Owl's Snow

This craft is made of primarily construction paper and a couple of cotton balls. So how did I use this craft in sessions?

Articulation: Before the child can glue a piece of the craft on the paper, he/she must say target word correctly 3-5x. We can get a lot of reps in this way!

Language: You can target a few different language goals with this one. I love to talk spatial concepts while we glue the pieces in place. You can make the trees different sizes so that they child has to use describing words. We also use size words when putting the owl together. The owl is one large brown circle. The eyes are made of two white medium circles and two small yellow ones. I used a black marker to draw the even smaller black circles to complete the eyes. Complete the owl with a tiny orange beak! As you stretch cotton ball, pull it into 3 pieces. Talk about where to place it on the tree-top, middle or bottom. Sprinkle small pieces of paper as snowflakes in the sky. You can use either black or blue construction paper as your background. I chose black because of the picture below.

This is an image of Little Owl's Snow excerpt to show the inspiration of the craft.

Spending the entire month with this book has been lots of fun. The kids have enjoyed this one so much that I bought “Little Owl’s Love” for our mini Valentine theme!

What’s your favorite winter book to use in speech therapy? Looking for more snow themed speech therapy ideas? Click here.

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