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Speech Therapy Theme: Turkeys

Thanksgiving is seriously knocking (hard) on the door.  So we talked turkeys this week in speech therapy.  Plus, there’s really nothing as cute as a toddler imitating a turkey sound (Gobble Gobble doesn’t ever sound the same way twice!)  I used some of the same materials, updated some more and added some new.  It was a fun week!

Books:  I love (like super big puffy heart) “10 Fat Turkeys!”  It’s perfect to address initial /f/ and /g/.  My fronting clients LOVE getting to say “GOBBLE GOBBLE” on each page.  My kids working on /f/ can practice words like “fat,” “fence”, “fooling,” and “fall.”  I am not sure what it is about this book, but the kids laugh so hard throughout the entire story.  As we read the story, we took a turkey off the fence on the visual I made.  You find it for FREE here!  I also added a new book for some of my older kids.  “10 Fat Turkeys” doesn’t really have a story good for comprehension skills.  That’s why “Turkey Trouble” was added to the lesson plans.  I found a great activity packet from TpT (the link is coming up later in the post) to help address my older clients’ goals. If you are wanting a little adventure, you can read “How to Catch A Turkey” ( I have a free book companion in my free resource library!)

My younger kids (the ones too young for “10 Fat Turkeys”) listened to “Red Feather, Red Feather What Do You See?”  It’s a little story I made up to help with colors and answering simple “what” questions.  You can find it in my free resource library!  

TpT Materials:  Since most of my clients listened to “10 Fat Turkeys,” my book buddy from my TpT store.  The picture below is an open ended game from the book buddy.  It includes 2 open ended artic activities, some language activities too!

10 Fat Turkeys Open Ended Game

For our other book, “Turkey Trouble,” I didn’t have any activities.  So I bought Communication Blessings’ Turkey Disguises: Inferencing Activities during the TpT must have sale.  I loved it!!  It has a bingo game and booklets for the kids to make.  I used a booklet with a kindergarten age kiddo and he loved it!

Turkey Trouble Speech Therapy Activities

Craft:  This year I changed up the craft a little in order to better fit my clients’ goals.  We made them into little books!  You should have seen my little friends’ faces when they finished their books!  The front looked the same for each client.  Inside the book was different depending on the client’s goals.  This little guy was working on naming clothing pieces.  The 3rd picture is the inside of a book that addressed spatial concepts.

Turkey Book for Speech Therapy

Inside of the Turkey book for Speech Therapy

To make the book, just fold a regular lunch sack in half.  I made sure to put the flap in the back.  We glued 3 tail feathers on the back.  Eyes, beak and waddle on the front.  Easy enough!  For my artic kiddos, I wrote their sound on one side and target words on the other side.  As we said the words, they had to underline their target sound in the word.

We also utilized apps during our sessions.  I wrote another blog post on those!  You can find tons of Thanksgiving apps here!


Needing more? Grab all the good here!

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