Book Review for the SLPreneur: Business Boutique

If you are thinking about starting a business, you need this book. If you are already in business, you need this book. After reading “Business Boutique,” I decided every SLPreneur needs this book! I wish 8 years ago when I started Speech Chick Therapy, I had this book in my life. It’s that good!

So what’s to love about my January book pick? It’s real simple. Christy cuts out all the junk that overwhelms a small business owner, and brings it down to simple terms. I love that with each chapter, there’s a small “assignment” to help you with the information she just gave. The author wants to see women succeed in business. But she also sees what holds us back from being a kick butt entrepreneur (or in our case SLPreneur). She covers everything from your “why” [are you starting/running a business] to marketing to accounting to whether you should be an LLC or a sole proprietor.

Business Boutique by Christy Wright

She breaks everything down into tiers. Christy addresses fear early in the book which I feel is important. Why? Because we women fear EVERYTHING in business! The unknown, the uncertains, the making money part, the “why would anyone want to buy from me”… all of these ran through my head. To be honest, they still do after 8 years in business! Once she addressed these, then she gets you going on your way!

One question I see over and over in private practice groups is about sole proprietor, LLC and S-Corps. I had no idea about most of this. It’s easily understood in her book. She touches on marketing, pricing, dealing with money…it helps she is part of the Dave Ramsey group.

This is that type of book that you don’t just read. You read a chapter and complete the tasks at the end, whether you do both in a day or over the course of a couple of days. At the end of it, you have not only read a book you have made your business plan and set it in motion. I will be keeping this book in an easily accessible area so that I can refer to it often! It’s a hardcover book, making it the perfect reference book! Make sure to tune into her podcasts as well for even more great information!

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