Themed Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Community Helpers Part 3

The first week of community helpers in speech therapy was a hit!  The kids love talking about fire fighters and police officers.  This week has 2 community helpers the kids are less thrilled about.  Little kids do not like to go to the doctor.  They associate doctor’s office with medicine and shots.  So in my speech therapy sessions, I try to put a more positive spin on doctors.

Book for Speech Therapy

I don’t usually like reading books on my IPad.  I have the Kindle app so I am trying to take advantage of it more.  This week, I tried out a book (actually 2 books!) on the Kindle app.  We read “The Berenstain Bears Go to the Doctor.”  I liked it because the cubs voiced the same concerns many of my little ones do when they go to the doctor.  It put the kiddos at ease and made them laugh (some hysterically) when Papa Bear has to get medicine.

Doctor Book for Speech Therapy

For my younger clients, I used my interactive doctor book.  I need simple text with a simple question and picture cues.  This little book addresses all those “needs.”

Interactive Doctor Activity for speech therapy

TpT Activities for Speech Therapy

Interactive Doctor Activity set not only includes the book listed above but also another booklet to address the concept of “on” as well as body parts.  This booklet is a black & white make and take book for the kids.  The last activity in the set is a playdough smash mat of big and little bandaids

For articulation work, we colored bandaids from my Community Helpers Articulation Packet.  This was great drill practice after we read our book.

Games and Hands-On Activities

BANDAGES SORTING: I have probably the easiest sorting activity for you EVER!  Go to the dollar store and buy 2-4 different kinds of bandages-Angry Birds, Barbie, Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, WHATEVER!  Open 5-10 bandages from each package.  LEAVE THE BACK PART ON!  Or take it off and stick the bandages to a sheet of paper and cut them out.  Set the boxes out and have the kids sort the bandages!!  I had Angry Birds and Strawberry Shortcake.  My preschool population loved this!  You can do the same thing with assorted colors of cotton balls!

Bandage sorting activity for speech therapy

TONGUE DEPRESSOR ARTIC:  Write numbers (1-5 is perfect!) on one end of the tongue depressors.  Put them in a cup with the numbers facing down.  Have the child draw a stick and say their word that many times.  Easy enough, right?

OPERATION is a great game!  I like it for the older kids since it has figures of speech on it such as “water on the knee” and “frog in your throat.”  To address other aspects of language or articulation, have the child perform a speech task (ie say a word 5x) before they take a turn.

BANDAGES ON A BABY:  Grab a baby doll and some cheap bandages.  Work on following directions and body parts with this simple activity.  Give a direction such as “Put the bandage on the baby’s leg” for the child to follow.  If you can find bandaids of different colors or sizes that would be even better!!!  After you have finished the activity, tell the child to take of the bandaids one at a time by giving a direction such as “Take the bandaid on her head off.”

SKELETON BONES RIPPED PAPER CRAFT is a fun craft that could be used with any age!  You can use it to drill articulation targets, work on requesting (with the preschool clients) or sequencing for your older kids!

Skeleton Bones Ripped Paper Craft for Kids: No scissors are needed for this craft and it's perfect for a Human Anatomy lesson, X is for X ray craft, or spooky Halloween decoration

When you finish the session, don’t give an ordinary sticker!  Allow the child to choose a bandaid as their sticker!!!  My little friend below chose a Tinkerbell bandaid!!

Speech Therapy fun!

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