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Logo Design for the SLP

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If you decide to design your own logo, it can be overwhelming.  But if you hire someone to design your logo, it’s still overwhelming!  There are so many choices.  So many colors, endless fonts and looming fear of “getting it wrong.”  I’m no design specialist, but I designed my own logos in 2018.  My previous logos were designed by a friend who does it professionally.  I loved her designs!  When I re-branded in 2018, I wanted to make my own so that I could update them easily.  The things I learned during that process blew my mind.  I share the things I learned in a blog post.  (You can find it here.)

Today, I am breaking it down for you so that you can achieve a new logo for your business, no matter what it is.  If you haven’t listened to Chapter 2 (Naming Your Business), go take a listen after you finish this episode.  Your name may influence your branding.

Top Tips for Designing a Logo for the SLP

1.  Make a board on Pinterest to pin all of your color ideas, fonts and designs.  PIN ALL THE THINGS!  Everything that you feel drawn to, pin it!   Color combinations, palettes, images that have your favorite colors are all things that should be on your board.  This is where you develop the feel of your brand.

2.  Now pick your favorite colors and write down their codes.  For instance, my dark pink is #ec159a.  I can use that code so that everything matches!  The pink in my logo, my website and any social media graphics are all the same shade pink.  There are source in this blog post that will help you find the color codes.  Here’s the link if you just want that!

3.  Choose your fonts.  Pick 2 to use in your logo.  No more than that.  You can pick a 3rd to use in other areas.  My 3rd font choice is used in my newsletters and on my site.  I used to make my decisions.  From there, I could download them to my computer.

4.  Design your primary logo.  My primary logo serves as my website header, letter head, and Facebook cover.  If you are designing in Canva, use the Facebook Cover template.  I recommend Canva when designed your logo.  I pay for the upgraded version so that my brand colors and fonts are saved.  It doesn’t matter if I design in the app or on my desktop, my colors are always there.

5.  Now design your social media logo.  Use the logo template in Canva.  You want to keep this uniform, so use the same colors and fonts.  I don’t use a picture of myself for Instagram but that is your call.  Make sure it is uniform across all channels.  People need to see your logo and immediately recognize it as you.  I use this one as my watermark to go at the bottom of my images.

6.  Now time for the alternate design.  This one is similar to the primary one but with less detail.  I used this design to have embroidered on my scrub tops.

Once you have all of your logos set up, save them to a spot that is easily accessible.  In a folder on your desktop is great spot.  You could also save them in a Dropbox file.

If you don’t feel comfortable with DIYing this, source this job out!  Take something off your busy plate.  But at least you have the information to know what you need.

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