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SLP on the Go: How I Am Getting Organized in 2019

Each year, I start off with the idea of getting my business organized better.  Usually by mid-February, this SLP has fallen off the organization wagon.  But this year I am hoping it is different.  I am working to stay organized AND healthy!  Sanity and health all at one?  That’s a tough battle for most working moms.  After the first work week of the new year, it has went pretty well.  Don’t worry, I am already planning an update post for March-ish to let you know if I am still going strong.  For now, I am sharing what is keeping me in check.

The Organized SLP and Her Tools


Simple everyday spirals.  I bought a glittery (pink of course!) one subject notebook at the end of 2017 to keep all of my social media notes from various online trainings as well as all of my branding info (color codes, graphic measurements, etc).  I have a large 5 subject spiral that stores all of my ideas for social media posts.  This has allowed me to sit down and batch my social media posts at one on the designated day.  I just pull out that notebook, flip to the desired section and go!  I have tabbed sections throughout the notebook to make it easier to find what I am looking for.  When I post that quote/thought, I write the date by it and move on.  This notebook houses all of my blog posts and podcast ideas too.  I have another 5 subject notebook that I keep session notes in.  At the end of the day, when I am doing my notes, I can go back and see what we did and the data.

Echo Dot/Alexa:  

When I walk into my office in the mornings, I can just ask for my “to do” list.  I have a master to do list that I write on Sunday afternoons.  The only items Alexa gives me are the items I need to accomplish that day.  When I am on the road, I can go into the Alexa app and check off things.  Each evening, I add the next day’s tasks to the app.  I often found that I would forget my list at home when I left in the mornings.  Now, I have it with me all of the time!

“Productive” App:  

I tried this app for free before I decided to buy it.  It’s around $24-ish for the year.  You add your “habits” into the app.  They already have many preloaded that you can choose from like “Drink some water” or “Take a break.”  Set the schedule to remind you.  I have reminders set 7 days a week to drink water every 2 hours.  At the beginning of the month, I started a 30 day fitness challenge.  Each morning at 6am, I am reminded to do my 30 Day Challenge.  You can set your reminders to be all day or during the morning, afternoon and evening.  The best part is for the competitive side of me…it keeps track of how many days in a row you did something!  I don’t have very many perfect days-when everything is completed- but I get pretty close.  I am learning to give myself some grace when I skip a habit.  It also reminds me to make my lunch each night.

Social Media “To Do” Schedule: 

I have set up a schedule so that each day I am able to “batch” work.  Mondays are for Instagram, Tuesdays are for Facebook, etc.  (This is when my notebook mentioned above comes in handy).  I write blogs on Saturdays and Sundays.  This schedule is pinned to my bulletin board above my desk.  Each morning, I look to see what needs to be done.  It’s also listed on the Alexa app AND in my “Productive” app.  I may still post randomly during the week but most of it is scheduled.


While I do use a company for my EMR, I also like paper calendars.  I have an agenda that has pretty much my entire life in it.  All of my client appointments, 

So to start off 2019, this is how I am staying organized.  It may not work for everyone.  What are some tips for keeping you organized?

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