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New Year, New Speech Chick

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Ok, that’s not completely true.  It is a new year but not a completely new Speech Chick.  I mean, I still like Dr. Pepper, the color pink, Converse, glitter and tacos.  I am still sarcastic and wildly witty (if I do say so myself!)  But I have taken on some new goals in 2019 to better me and my business.  I thought I would take today to share them with you.  So what are some new goals for the Speech Chick in 2019?

Personal Goals for Melissa

For me, every year, organization is always a major one!  I start out pretty good.  By the end of the year…not so much.  So while I am keeping organization on the list, it is not my major one.  The two big personal goals for 2019 is drink more water and exercise more.  Since I am an SLP, my goals have to be measurable.  My plan is to drink 8 glasses of water each day for the majority of the 365 days in the year.  (Close enough to measurable, right?)  At the point of this post, I have achieved that goal for the past 11 days.  That is some kind of record!  I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in 11 days.  There hasn’t even been a craving for one.  Don’t worry my tacos aren’t going anywhere!

The other major goal for is to work out more.  Since I’ve come to the realization that I am not 17 anymore and I can’t do what I did during my basketball playing days, I have picked easier workouts.  I needed something quick and thoughtless.  I headed over to Pinterest and searched 30 day workouts.  It’s all laid out in that 30 day plan of what I have to do and when I get to have rest days.  January 2nd was my start date and I have not missed a day yet!  I get up at 5am on the weekdays and get my workout done.  Then I check it off my list in the “Productive” app on my phone.  That’s also where I have set reminders to drink more water.

Another one I’ve added to the list is self care.  I often put myself on the back burner.  I would rather make sure my family and clients are taken care of before me.  The workout plan is one part of my self care.  More manicures, pedicures and massages will also be in my 2019!

Professional Goals for Speech Chick

Once I have gotten Speech Chick healthy, I have to fuel my brain.  If you read this week’s blog post, you know that I am reading a book a month.  I’ve set my goals low so that I avoid disappointment.  There are 12 books already lined out and most are in my Amazon wish list.  Most are business books but there are one or two that aren’t.  I read several good books in 2018 (Don’t worry, I am working on an episode for that) that did pertain to business and self-improvement.  Continuing that into 2019 is a big deal for me!

Being more visual on social media is another one.  That means more IGTV, live stories, YouTube videos and of course, podcasts!  I want to get to know you more and vice versa.  But it requires this introvert to come out of  her shell more…which is tough!  How is it that an SLP doesn’t really like to talk to people a lot?  I’m ok with it for work…I guess I ‘m “in character.”  But once I am off work, I have no interest in talking to or dealing with anyone.  Super weird!

TpT is another goal that I want to improve on.  I want to bring you more theme based activities that are just awesome.  There were revisions to several products last week and still plenty more on the list.  Plus I have new ones to create as well!  BUSY!


You will notice I did not use the word “resolution” anywhere.  That would mean there is a problem and I am unhappy.  I don’t need to resolve a problem.  Everything is pretty good.  But I need to improve some things.  Therefore, I have goals , not “resolutions.”

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