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Self Care in 5 Minutes for the Busy Speech Therapist

We’ve all been there.  You are a busy speech therapist, running on fumes.  You consistently make the choice every day to ignore self care so that you can finish that report, call insurance, plan that lesson, squeeze that last client in.  We don’t do it because we dislike ourselves.  We do it because we are the type of people that put others first ALWAYS!  That’s why we are in the profession-speech therapists are caretakers…The best and worst caretakers ever!  SLPs are the best at taking care of others.  But we are the worst at taking care of ourselves.

I am bringing you things you can do in FIVE MINUTES to bring a little self-care in your life.  You can do these during your lunch break.  Yeah, that means step away from your computer.  Girl, I know you are eating lunch at your computer most every day!  GET AWAY from it!!  Taking even just 5 minutes will refresh your brain and ward off burn out.  You know the saying…”You can’t pour from an empty cup.”  Your cup is bone dry!  Fill it!

Five Minutes to Self Care

  • Sit quietly for 5 minutes-JUST BREATHE, NO THOUGHTS
  • If you are home, make your bed
  • Read a favorite quote and reflect on it
  • Clean out your purse
  • Diffuse your favorite calming oils
  • Rub your favorite calming oils on your wrists
  • Make a “to do” list for LATER!
  • Read a favorite blog post you saved
  • Purchase a fun item from your Amazon or TpT wish list
  • Make your favorite fruit infused water to enjoy later (during another 5 minute self care!)
  • Tidy your desk
  • Apply your favorite lotion
  • Do a brain dump
  • Eat your favorite snack
  • Write two reasons you are fabulous!
  • Listen to a favorite song or two

Self care does not have been crazy expensive or time consuming.  It’s not always a bath or a manicure.  Smelling your favorite lotion as you rub it into your skin can do wonders for the brain and body.  You feel refreshed.  Isn’t that the point of self care?  Keeping it short gives you the opportunity to do it several times throughout the day!  Pick your favorites and schedule them.  Set a timer, write them into your schedule-whatever you need to do so that you take care of you.  Don’t pour your cup bone dry!

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