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Kid Friendly New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve, and you are spending a nice quiet night at home with your kids. No parties, no uncomfortable outfits, no driving on those crazy roads late at night. Just you, your significant other (maybe), the kids, your most comfy pajamas and a long night of “not sure how I am going to keep these kids up until midnight!” I’ve got you covered with ideas for a kid friendly New Year’s Eve!

Kid Friendly New Year's Eve

A few years ago, I tried out a fun night with our kids. The hubs and I decided to stay in for the night. It was cold and just really not worth getting out. Even though our kids are older now, they still ask if I have anything planned like I did a few years ago.

Here’s How I Prepped for a Kid Friendly New Year’s Eve 

First, I decided on what time this entire thing would start. We started ours around 6pm. That way I could still get things done during my day like cleaning or laundry. One year, I was finishing my CEUs! Then, I took 7 white lunch sacks and wrote times on them starting with 6:00pm, then 7pm, 8pm, you get the point. You can use anything but we had white sacks on hand. One year I got crafty and wrote little clues for what our next activity would be. In each sack, I put things related to the activity. If it was a craft, I put the craft supplies in there. If it was making dinner, I put the recipe in the bag. Every hour on the hour, we opened another sack to see what our next activity was.

Activity Ideas for a Kid Friendly New Year’s Eve

  • Read a book
  • Do a word search if the kids are older
  • Do a simple craft
  • Cook a simple dinner like pizzas, tacos or quesadillas
  • Bake cookies (use the premade, pull-apart cookies to make it easier)
  • Make and drink hot chocolate
  • Make s’mores
  • Reflect on 2020
  • Play a board game/card game
  • Make your own clock with a paper plate
  • Make your own NYE ball using a paper plate, construction paper and glitter
  • Wear glow necklaces
  • Wear stick-on mustaches
  • If you have girls, do manicures

There is nothing elaborate or crazy about this list. The point is have fun with the kids! Some of these things you will already do, like cook dinner. Make it easy and let the kids help. Then clean up is easy too. Before you know it, midnight will be here and the whole family can toast to a new year!

If you don’t think you can make it to midnight, change your party to noon. Call it a “Happy Noon Year!” party. Take a few of the ideas above to help you throw a fun party for the kids.

Tips for a Kid Friendly New Year's Eve

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