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Simple Bat Crafts for Speech Therapy

With Halloween just around the corner, it is a perfect time for a bat theme in speech therapy!  I had a bat theme last week which ended up being a big hit…especially these two crafts!  I posted the pictures of a couple of children’s finished products and they were quickly LOVED!  So I figured, I would write a blog post with FREEBIES!


This one is really easy and requires very little materials.  I used a large paper plate for the moon.  To get more reps per word/sound, I used torn pieces of yellow construction paper.  You could paint or color the plate, but you won’t get as many repetitions.  We placed a gray cloud partially covering the moon.  The kids referred to it as the Halloween moon.  The cloud gave us the perfect spot to write target words.  Then we glued the bats randomly on the moon and clouds.  I printed the bats on colored paper but you could just print on white paper for the kids to color.


The language craft is just as easy as the one above.  For this one, you just need construction paper and a brown paper lunch sack.  For extra fun, you might want to add some glitter glue to the list.  On a black sheet of construction paper, glue a moon and some gray clouds.  Cut the bottom of the paper sack off and discard.  What you have left is the top part of the lunch sack.  Cut it in half along the fold on the side.  Crumble it up and form an arch (I.E.-cave).  I stapled the cave onto the paper, as glue may not hold it.  Print your bats off on colored paper.  You can use white paper and just have the kids color the bats.  Glue them in different places to work on using/understanding spatial concepts.   For some kids, it looked like a following directions activity to work on understanding the concepts.  For others working on expression, have the child tell where they placed each bat.  When you are all done, add some stars with the glitter glue!

Have fun with it!  You can also use the language version for articulation too!  Here’s a link to the bat pages!!

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