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“Light Up Language” in Speech Therapy

Finding ways to keep kids engaged and interested in speech therapy can be a tricky feat for even the most creative SLP.  After you have spent countless hours on creating ridiculously fabulous lessons (Great job, by the way!), there will always be that one kid that is like “Meh.”  Or maybe you are the SLP who covers 5 campuses with 65 kids at each and you have ZERO time to even begin to plan a kick-butt therapy session.  (Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but you get it). Well, I have a simple question for you…Do you have a light box?  If you do, then I may have some help for you!

Turn that light box into a vocabulary word spitting machine!  Use that word all week long to help you teach and expand language skills in those little angels on your caseload, or use two words that could be linked together.  Find a word from the book you are reading or get some vocabulary words from those fabulous classroom teachers you work with.  However you choose to get your word list is up to you.  Since it is the beginning of school as I write this, I love using the book “Chrysanthemum.”  I wrote an entire blog post last year about it.  There is an entire speech and language companion for it in my TpT store.  So in honor of one of my favorite back to school books, I am giving you a freebie to use as your first light box language activity!  It’s one page.  You can print it on white paper or jazz it up on Astrobrights (because we SLPs love bright and colorful things!). The best part is it’s NO PREP and LOW INK!  Grab the book from your library, print your copies, and GO!   If you want that freebie, you have to sign up to get it in my free resource library!

I am working on making more of these to add to my TpT store.  But for now, I am giving you this freebie.  If you like it, I would love to know how you used it in your speech therapy sessions!  Feel free to tag me in an Instagram post or share it to my wall on Facebook.

If you don’t have a light box, don’t worry!  You can still use these.  Write the word on your dry erase board or type it on a PowerPoint slide to show on the screen if you have one.  I am working to find a way to use these as a traveling SLP.  Once I figure out a fun way, I will tell you about it!

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