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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Purplicious!

The girls continued the girly theme in speech therapy.  This week was all about purple, cakes and painting!  I love this book because it emphasizes to be your own person and don’t be afraid to like what you like.  We had an assortment of activities to address each girl’s goals.  (You can find all the activities and more here.)

Language Activity for Speech Therapy

One of our language activities was a coloring activity.  The client for this activity was working on regular past tense verbs.  We used this activity to introduce all the different types of regular past tense.  The directions are written at the top of the page.  Basically, she had to give the past tense form and put the past tense form in a sentence.


Articulation Fun in Speech Therapy

We had a couple of articulation activities that the girls really enjoyed!  Our first session of the week was a drill session (not pictured).  Our second session was a little more fun!  In the book, Pinkalicious attends an art class.  So our craft was an artist palette.  I printed “paint splats” from the packet (link is above) with the target sounds for each client.  I had them color the paints splats while I cut an artist palette from brown cardstock.  artic craftAfter completing this art project, we had some time before our session ended.  So I pulled out the “ever so loved” playdough SMUSH mat (also found in the link above) to go with the sound targeted for the session.  I pulled out my purple playdough to go with the theme.   Each target word the client produced correctly 5x (in sentences 3x correctly), she could smush a ball of playdough on the paint splatter.

artic smush

This was a fun theme to use in therapy.  I realize it’s not for everyone but if you work with clients individually, it’s definitely a fun one to use with your girl clients.  My girls absolutely loved it!

Want to see our Pinkalicious theme?  Click here!


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