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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Pinkalicious

Speech therapy just got really girly!  I absolutely love “Pinkalicious!”  I love the conversations that this book stimulates.  How many times were you told as a kid that would turn into the food you ate ALL THE TIME?  I certainly remember hearing I was going to turn into a chicken nugget one day.  Those same type of conversations happen in my speech therapy sessions when we read this book.  Plus it makes me really want to make cupcakes!!!

Pinkalicious Speech Therapy Activities

Speech Therapy Activities

To go along with the book, I made an articulation packet.  On the first day of the week, we read the book, talk about the story and drill our sounds using “Pink Dot Fun!”  This activity is open ended so just print as many as you need.  Grab your pink crayons or pink dot paints and you are all set!  You could use “Color by Sound”  which is also included in the packet.

For day 2 of our “Pink-rrific” week, we put “sprinkles” (playdough) on cupcakes and played our Pinkalicious reinforcement game (again all found in the packet!) while drilling our sounds!

For my language clients, we read our book and answered questions about the story.  I have a couple of kiddos working on pronouns so I made a small booklet that went with our theme.  You can find it here.  The booklet addressed the concept of “hers.”  It is a repetitive booklet so that the child can learn the concept easily.

If you have any little girls on your caseload or maybe a group of girls (if you are school-based), take a little break from the usual and have a pink day!  We even made a cupcake craft while reinforcing articulation skills and language targets.  You can find that post here!

You can find my week with Purplicious here.  That’s right, we also spent a whole week with purple, cakes and paint!

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