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Book Review by an SLP: “El Deafo”

I have made it a goal to read more this year.  While most of my books have been business or social media books, I ordered one in April that was great for the SLP!  The book is “El Deafo” and the story is adorable!  It is definitely a “must read” for any SLP treating hearing impaired clients. Way back when I worked in the school setting, I had a little guy that had an FM system.  I wish this book had been published when I had the little guy on my caseload!  From the child’s perspective, it gives the reader an idea of the day to day ups and downs are like.

My kids both read it before I even got a chance!  They loved it!  My son has read it two more times since then.  The format is not what I was expecting.  It is written in comic strip form- which I don’t usually read.  But that also made it a quicker read, too!  I think the part I laughed the hardest was when the little girl could hear her teacher in the lounge area, talking about other students.  I love that the FM system made her feel like she had superpowers!  Being different is hard, and for a kid, it is twice as hard.

This is a great read for anyone who has a hearing impaired student on their caseload.  The book is great for any teacher who wears an FM system and has a classroom full of curious students.  “Why does my teacher wear that?”  “Why does Bobby need the teacher to wear that?”  These are all good questions that need to be answered at the start of the year.  Use this book to approach the subject that teach tolerance, kindness, and equal treatment.  Kids need to understand that no one is perfect.  Everyone has something unique whether it is a hair color, talent, physical feature or a much needed appliance like hearing aids.  These unique traits is what makes each us perfect in our way.

So would I, an SLP, recommend this book?  You are darn right I would!

Need some more book ideas?  How about Chrysanthemum?  Another  book that is great about accepting others!

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