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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Tacos!

I introduced a new speech therapy theme to kick off May.  I LOVED this taco theme!  So much fun and the book was enjoyed by each of my clients.  So glad I added it to the schedule for May.   Wondering how you can add a taco theme to your schedule?  Read on to find out!

Taco Book for Speech Therapy

I freakin’ LOVE this book!  Any book that spurs spontaneous language from even my quietest clients is going to get a recommendation from me!  Not sure if it was the dragons or the tacos that drew the kids in.  Either way, it worked like a charm.  There is also a sequel that is already on my Amazon wishlist.  If you decide to add a taco theme to your lesson plans, you need “Dragons Love Tacos!”

TpT Activities

Of course, I had to come up with an interactive book for my younger clients.  My toddlers and preschoolers often are not able to attend to longer books.  This interactive book comes in a set that works well with early elementary ages.  You can use the activities in the set with other taco books or crafts.

Another TpT resource I used came from The Speech Table.  It is a quick and easy articulation activity the kids enjoyed.

Craft Time!

Why not set up a taco bar as your craft?   If I was a school SLP or worked in a clinic setting, I would have went all out with decorations, creating the best fake taco bar ever!  But I was not about to let traveling take all the fun out.  I prepped our “to go” boxes with all the ingredients.  The storage containers came from Dollar Tree.  Each container was labeled so the kids could see what was in each.  We used this craft to work on artic drill, asking questions, spatial concepts, vocabulary, and following directions -just to name a few.

Now that your taco bar is set up in speech therapy, here’s how to make the taco craft.

Paint a large paper plate yellow.  Now, it’s a corn tortilla!  Allow it to dry, then fold in half.  Add taco meat (shredded brown paper), lettuce (shredded green paper), tomatoes (1 square of red tissue paper), cheese (1 square of yellow tissue paper) and guacamole/avocados (1 square of green tissue paper).  Put two staples on either side of the taco to keep all the ingredients in it.  You could add pieces of pipe cleaners for peppers or add a cotton ball as sour cream.  Shredded yellow paper would also make great cheese!  I like to use dot paints (or paint daubers) because the paint dries faster.

This theme is a great one to use any time of year.  National Taco Day is October 4th, which would be an awesome time for the theme, or just use it to spice up a regular Tuesday!

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