The SLP, April and a Podcast!

This month, I am taking on a challenge like no other: this SLP is going to produce a podcast!  If you have been reading up on my monthly goals, you’ve noticed that it has been all social media improvements.  But this month, I am actually going to work on something I have been wanting to do for MONTHS!!!  I knew if I never put it on a schedule, it would NEVER get done.  There is something fascinating about a goal list or a “to do” list that just gets stuff done.  When you physically take pen to paper and go through the motions of writing it down, it feels so amazing to cross it off when it is complete.  Maybe that is just this SLP talking, but I love the feeling!

So, what’s the podcast about?  Well, I am in the planning stages as of this blog post.  I have a name and ideas.  The general purpose of the podcast is to take you through my experiences as a private practice/TpT author SLP.  In no way will I suggest that I am an expert in what I am doing, but I will share basic business “stuff” that ranges from naming your business (be it a private practice or TpT store) to social media marketing (like the blog posts with more breakdown) to SLP fails to self-care.  My tagline is “business, speech therapy and everything in between.”  I plan to offer even more freebies to go along with the episodes… just not exactly sure how often or what format-planning freebies, tips… who knows?

I feel like we are so caught up in setting our business apart from others that we end up looking like everyone else.  With this podcast, I want to (hopefully) inspire others to think outside the box.  Do you.  Be you.  Market you.  Whether you are in private practice or a TpT seller, do you!

Aside from sharing my journey and reliving my epic fails, I want to share books!  If I am reading an awesome and inspiring book, I want to tell you about it!  Maybe I am reading the absolute cutest book ever in therapy… I am going to share it!

The plan is for the episodes to be short.  I enjoy podcasts that are 10-15 minutes long- the perfect time span while I am driving between clients.  I want school-based SLPs to listen on their lunch breaks because we all know you are LUCKY if you get a 10-minute lunch break!

Now that I have shared my soul with you, I hope maybe you are wondering when you can start listening.  The first episode is already planned, it just needs to be recorded.  I am shooting for May to drop the first episode.  The goal is for it to be a weekly show.  Once I get going good, I have a few SLPs in mind for interviews.  If you have ideas for an episode or two, I would LOVE to hear them!!  You can comment below or shoot me an email!

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