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This SLP Eats: Vegan Tacos

I could not quite decide what recipe I wanted to share this month. I went back and forth between “regular” food and vegan. Do I want a quick week night recipe or a more complicated recipe for the weekend? Then it hit me! Share the recipe you have on the schedule every week. This recipe is perfect for a busy SLP who comes home exhausted from giving all day. It’s perfect for the mom who literally has 30 minutes to prep and eat dinner before little Johnny’s soccer practice. The bonus? It tastes good too!

I found tons of taco recipes when my husband started his vegan journey. It has not been easy. Even though the kids and I are not vegan, we made a compromise to eat one vegan meal a day…unless we go out for dinner! The vegan tacos are a hit with EVERYONE in the house! I love it because it literally takes like 10-15 minutes to cook. Clean up is easy because you only used one pan. I warm my tortillas up in the “restaurant style warmer/serving thing” (yes, that’s the technical term…LOL) in the microwave just as the beans are finished. My daughter slices up the avocado and we are ready for dinner.
Now, I put my own twist on these tacos. Most of the recipes floating around out there include corn (which we are not big fans of!). To feed our family of 4 (including two VERY active kids and a 6’4” husband), I use two 14 oz-ish cans of black beans, 1 avocado, half of a yellow bell pepper and 1-2 tsp of ground cumin. Make sure to have grated VEGAN cheese and corn tortillas. If you don’t wish to go full vegan, you can use flour tortillas or regular grated cheese. The kids and I only add the regular cheese. We like the shredded cheese mix of Colby Jack and Monterrey.

Get to Cookin’ SLP!

To start, dice your pepper. We like to use the yellow bell pepper but have used green, orange or red too. Now that your pepper is diced, open and drain your black beans. TRUST ME! Don’t forget this step. Your tacos will be runny if you don’t. Place the peppers and beans in a medium saucepan and heat. Add your 1-2 tsp of ground cumin. Stir and continue to heat (on medium) the bean mixture until hot. During that time, you can chop up your avocado. We typically use 1 large avocado. Heat your tortillas in the microwave. If you are using corn tortillas, I recommend heating them prior to stuffing them with beans, cheese, peppers and avocados. If you are using flour, you can stuff them and then heat.
Stuff your tortillas with beans/peppers and cheese. I like to melt my cheese in the microwave for a quick 15 seconds. Then I put the chunks of avocado on and CHOW DOWN! Add some rice or even refried beans and TA DA! Dinner is served!
As you may know, I am not a food blogger! So, I am sure the technicalities of food blogging have been completely missed. But I am a momma, wife, SLP, business owner who must cook and eat dinner every night. If you are reading this, chances are good you are too! Since I am not a food blogger, I have no picture of a finished product because I just cannot take a good food picture! But it is so yummy. You can never go wrong with tacos, right?!
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