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Prehistoric Speech Therapy: A Dinosaur Craft

This week in speech therapy, our theme was dinosaurs. The past few years I have done the same craft. (You can find it here.) But this year, I wanted to do something a little different. I try to change up the craft year to year to keep things fresh. Speech therapy ROCKED this week with this new craft!!! It was really pretty simple to put together too. Which means it was even more awesome than I originally thought!! SCORE!

Getting the Craft Ready for Speech Therapy

You don’t need many things… or should I say, you don’t need many special supplies. Each kiddo needs a large paper plate, one brad and a dinosaur (Here’s that FREEBIE!!) For the group, you need crayons/markers/dot paints. I chose dot paints! You also need glue.
Cut each paper plate in half with a zigzag pattern. You do a zigzag pattern so that it looks like a cracked egg.


I kept this one super easy! I wrote target words on the eggs. If you work with older kids, they could write their own target words. As the child produced their word correctly, he could choose a dot paint and put one dot on their egg ANYWHERE! I am kind of digging these “freedom” crafts. With each trial, he either produced the word 5x correctly or produced a sentence 3x correctly. We circled through the words several times until we had filled up the egg with paint dots. I placed a small hole on the side of both plates and hinged together with a brad. Then we cut out the dinosaur and glued him to the back of the bottom plate. I only used the top half of the dinosaur because he was a little too long.


Since I work with mostly preschool clients, I target a lot of vocabulary and early grammar skills. So, this week, we either worked on clothing vocabulary or pronouns and verbs. I prepped the craft just as I did for the articulation version. EXCEPT, I used these pictures instead of target words. (Hint…The pictures are free!!) I printed the pictures on bright colored paper. We worked on naming them. Once they were all glued, then we went back and worked on them again. For each one they could correctly name, they chose a dot paint (using 3-4-word phrases, “I” and color words) and painted a dot. For the kiddos working on verbs and pronouns, they had to completely produce a sentence using both correctly.

This craft has been such a hit, the kids are asking if we can do it again next week for Easter. They want a bunny to pop up. I guess that is just what we will do!
If you do this one, I would LOVE to see you post on Instagram and tag me!

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