The SLP, TPT and Newsletters: What I Learned

If you remember, February was the month that I focused on my newsletter to fellow SLP followers as well as my TpT store that sells speech therapy materials I create.  I found some great info floating out there that helped me!!!  GREAT STUFF that I wanted to share with you today.


There are several ways to send out a newsletter to followers.  I choose MailChimp a little while back for two reasons: 1-CHEAP and 2-Easy to maneuver even for me!

But I knew I was missing some things and not quite understanding things like automation.  So, insert a great book to help me understand MailChimp!  If you are using MailChimp or considering it, I highly recommend this book.  Kind of wished I had found it before I started my newsletter but oh well.  This book breaks things down to make it easy for “not techy” SLP like me.  Everything is so confusing, and I overthink things so that makes it even more confusing.  But this book made it simple!

Another great resource I found was a person!  Jenna Kutcher has been a godsend and she doesn’t even know it!  I have now added her podcast (Goaldigger) to regular listening schedule (in addition to ‘Grammer School from January).  She is all about helping the listener make their newsletter fabulous.  While mine is improving, at least my Welcome series has changed significantly, it’s not FABULOUS yet.  You need to check out her website too.  There are freebies upon freebies on her site.  You need all of them, trust me!  So, go on over to her site and download all the goodness.  You can thank me later!


This was another area that I knew I needed help in!  I started my store back in late 2015 with not a clue about what I was doing.  I have slowly figured things out but still needed help.  Insert Shelly Rees’ course, “The Focused Seller.”  I stumbled upon it in February (maybe Super Bowl Sunday?) when she had a sale going on for it.  I waffled back and forth for a couple of hours.  Then I thought, “What the heck?  Why not?”  I have seen a growth in my sales since starting her program!  I tripled my sales in February!  So far, I am $15 short of last March’s total!  Do you see all my exclamation points?  Yes, I am that excited!  If you come across this course, you need to sign up for it.

Those were my lessons learned for February.  Even with the short month, I learned a lot that I am excited to keep going with.  Not everything has been applied yet, but I am working on it!  If you would like to see how I revamped my “welcome” series, be sure to sign up at the top!  I send freebies EVERY WEEK.  Another bonus:  every subscriber to my newsletter is automatically entered to win a free product each week!  I announce the winner in my newsletter, so you have to make sure you open it too!

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