5 Apps To Up Your SLP Instagram!

I upped my Instagram game in January as a new year’s goal (I don’t do resolutions) to make my business better in 2018. Not many consider speech therapy as business you would see on Instagram. But I have discovered you can find just about anything on Instagram. Between the bloggers, TpT stores and private practices, there are tons of SLP accounts! I used the entire month of January to research hashtags, comment/caption tactics, branding, etc. (You can see that blog post here!) Along the way, I have found some ‘Gram apps that have made my life a little easier. So, I figured I would share them with you today. I am going to assume you have Instagram already. So, these are great to use with the app.

Apps for Your SLP IG Account

Snapseed: This is great photo editing app. Yes, you could just use the filters in IG. But this one allows you to crop, rotate, blur the background, and lots of other photo editing tools. I hate it when I take a photo only to have my iPhone rotate the picture in my photos! This app allows me to turn it to the angle I need easily.

Boomerang: You don’t “need” this app but it sure is fun! Take a short burst of video and it plays it on repetition. I will use this one to show a quick burst of a new TpT product or add a blog post tease to my feed. The point is it’s a fun app!

Follower+: Want to know who just started following you? Or do you want to know who unfollowed you?? This app tells you that! I started using the free version of this app a few weeks ago. Test runs on new apps is a good way to tell if the app is worth buying in my opinion. I ended up liking it, so I have the full paid version now. In my research, I have found a common growth practice is a “follow/unfollow” method. NOT A FAN OF! That means someone will follow you. Once you start following them, they go back and unfollow you. I had no idea this was a “thing” until now. I started seeing my numbers fluctuate and could not understand why. Then I discovered why with the help of this app.

Planoly: I am loving this app! It allows me to schedule all my posts, see how they look in my feed and reminds me to post. Planoly also gives me stats about my account and allows me to see the top 5 posts for the week. Just this week, they released a change that allows you to auto post. At the time of this blog, I have not set my account to auto post just yet. I will be working on that this weekend.

Repost it!: This is an older app that I used a couple of years ago. It was on my IPad but not my new phone. It is great for allowing you to repost someone else’s post onto your account. I use the free version (when I use it) but a lot of times I just screen shot or add a link to the material I am reposting. Maybe I will get back to using it this month or maybe not.

These are my top apps to go along with your Instagram account. If you haven’t already, you may want to switch to a business account. With a business account, you can get analytics about your posts, when’s the best time to post, what demographic is your best, and how far are you reaching.

I would love to “meet” you on Instagram. Feel free to comment with your account so we can be buddies!

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