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Easy Ideas for Using Valentine Cards from a Speech Pathologist

Every year, I always have leftover Valentine cards. There’s 20 kids in the class but the Valentine card companies package the cards in quantities of 32.   I’m pretty sure it’s a conspiracy of some sort but I digress. Anyway, what should you do with those leftover cards? I have some ideas for you! That’s code for easy tips for speech therapy in the home, moms!!!

Ideas for Speech Therapy Home Practice

  1.  Articulation:  Is your little one working on beginning /k/ words?  Write some of those words on the extra valentines.  Place them in a bag, basket, bucket, etc so that your child can pull the cards out and practice the words.  Easy enough!
  2. Describing:  Use the card as it and have your child use describing words to tell about the picture/character.  For older kids, write different household objects on the card and have them describe the object.
  3. Spatial Concepts:  Take some of the valentines and “hide” them in a room.  Have your child find each card and tell you where they found them using position words.  For example, if you put one under the coffee table, the child should use “under” in his sentence.
  4. Sorting:  Whether you have one box or 4, have your child work on sorting skills.  Tear the cards apart and group them according to the picture.

These are just a few ideas for parents out there. I often have parents ask me what types of activities they can do in the home to carryover the skills. My answer is always “KEEP IT SIMPLE!” Families are busy with different schedules, homework and other obligations. You also need to keep it cheap! There is no need for parents to spend a ton of money on activities. Use everyday objects and routines to enhance your child’s speech and language skills!

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