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This SLP Eats: {Vegan} Lasagna Soup

Last month, I brought you my favorite chicken enchilada recipe. Today, I am switching gears for this month’s SLP eats. This past fall, my husband decided a vegan diet was the best bet for his health. My kids and I did not immediately jump on the bandwagon. Let’s face it…if forced to live on bread and cheese, I could do it! I love my REAL cheese way too much! However, we did give a try during Christmas break with a few dinner recipes. It wasn’t too bad (but still added my real cheese!) and I did notice that I lost a few extra pounds. I wasn’t trying to lose weight but when you cut out the food I live on as a traveling SLP (aka fast food), it happened. So here is one of our new favorite recipes that is very healthy unless you add the real mozzarella cheese!!!


Let me start by saying this soup is DELICIOUS! I make it just as it is written in this blog post, BUT I cook it in my pressure cooker.   I found the sweet spot for this one is 8 minutes on high pressure. Some posts recommend 5-6 minutes but that is for a regular soup. The lentils do not cook thoroughly at 5-6 minutes.

This soup hits the spot, especially on a freezing day of therapy visits. The kids and I add some mozzarella cheese (which makes it not vegan!) and some garlic bread. My favorite part is walking into my kitchen and smelling the basil and oregano cooking…yum!

So, what’s for dinner at your house?

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