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SLP Tip: The New Way to Use Stamps

Instead of a parent tip this week, I chose an SLP tip to give out.  Do you ever give a client a stamp and three days later it is still there?  They’ve bathed but it won’t come off.  Or do you bring a blue stamp pad and the girls want pink?  Maybe your stamp pad is dried out and you find out at stamp time!

Well, I have a solution for you!

Washable Markers!  We all have washable markers in our therapy rooms or bags.  Get rid of the stamp pads. Take your stamp and color it with the washable marker. Then immediately stamp the child’s hand. I apply just a tiny bit of pressure to make sure the design comes out. DONE! Clean up is a snap with a baby wipe. To work on requesting, have two color choices for the kiddos to choose from.

Extra SLP Tip!

For extra fun, use your scented markers! The kids love when I write their names and target words on their papers with the scented ones. Color the stamp with the scented marker and you have an instant smelly “sticker!” Kids will love it!!!

I have been using this technique for a while. I love that I can give my clients choices (which provides another language opportunity!!!) after all their hard work. Now, I don’t have to worry about dried out stamp pads, stamps that don’t wash off or bringing a less than bright color! Not all of those stamp pads are as brightly colored as they seem!

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