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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Bats

It’s been batty in speech therapy this week!  Literally!  I have several families who don’t celebrate Halloween so I try to find themes that still within the “feeling” of Halloween without actually mentioning Halloween.  Bats was a theme that met that requirement.  I found some cute books and went with it!

Bat Speech Therapy Activities

Bat Books for Speech Therapy

I have a few books I use for bat week in my sessions.  The first is the fabulous Old Lady!  “The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat” is just greatness.  The kids love the old lady.  I love the old lady.  Everyone wins!  I use this during bat week because sometimes this theme falls during Halloween week.

Bat Books for Speech Therapy

The next book I love to use with social skills clients!  “Bat’s Big Game” is perfect for teaching different social skills.  It’s the story of a bat who only wants to be on the winning side so he tries switching sides throughout the game.  He gets away with it until Bear catches him and calls him out!  Then he doesn’t get to be on either side.

Bat Books for Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Activities

I added several new products to my bat theme this year.  My newest articulation product “Batty About Good Articulation” has 4 activities.  Three of the activities are no prep, open ended activities that can go with just about any bat book.  One of the activities is made to go with the Old Lady books.  The fourth activity in the packet is windsock craft!

Bat Craft for Articulation


For language, I have several clients working -ing verbs.  So I made an entire packet of activities for them.  It includes an interactive booklet, a make and take booklet and a BINGO game!

Bats and Verbs-A Packet of Present Progressive Verbs for Speech Therapy

Another goal I have addressed a lot is quantity concepts!  So I added two make and take booklets that come in a set.  One booklet addresses the concept of TWO while the other addresses the concept of “more.”

You can also find this freebie in another post that is great for spatial concepts and “where” questions.

Sensory Bin

This sensory bin was featured in my cheap activities post!  It just a bag of black beans and some plastic bats from Dollar General!  You can have your students sort them or write numbers on them to work on articulation.

You can also use cute apps for Halloween in your speech therapy sessions.  What else do you like to do during your bat theme?!





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