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Pizza Sensory Bin in Speech Therapy

I had previously written a post about our pizza theme for speech therapy.  There was a quick (code: terrible picture and description) of my sensory bin.  This year, I revamped it and made it better!  Since I improved it, I figured I would write a quick blog post about it with a freebie!

Pizza Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

I started out with a simple plastic container.  Shredded brown paper served as the base material.  I call this our “crust.”  Then I added strips of yellow construction paper (cheese), pieces of green pipe cleaner (green peppers), small red and black checkers (pepperonis and olives).  For aroma, you could add a few sprinkles of oregano.  Make sure you don’t add too much!

Pizza Sensory Bin for Speech Therapy

I use my sensory bins a lot for my language clients.  So I made cards that could easily be switched out between clients. The ones pictured are for -ing verbs but you can grab the freebie here.  The freebie includes -ing verbs and object functions.  You could easily add articulation cards  from your favorite decks to address your needs.

This little sensory bin was quite the hit this week in speech therapy.  The kids loved being able to dig around in there even though there was no rice or beans like some of our other bins.  If you have plastic/wooden pizza kits, that would be a fun addition too!

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