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Apple Tree Craft for Speech Therapy

This past week, we had an apple  theme for speech therapy.  We had a sweet smelling sensory bin and some other great activities and books!  But I did love this cute apple tree that I was able to make with most of my caseload.  It helped that it was super easy to prep!

Apple Tree Craft for Speech Therapy

Materials Needed:

1 brown paper sack for each child

1 sheet of green construction paper for each child

I have added the apples pictured below to my Apple Articulation Activities packet.  They address initial F,K,G,S,R,L,SH, CH,J and blends.  I am also attaching a freebie here that is final p,m,b!

Apple Craft Activity for Speech Therapy

Making the Craft in Speech Therapy

This might be one of the easiest crafts on my blog!  You can make this craft a couple of different ways.  Either way, start with a brown paper sack.  Cut a “cloud” shape out of green paper for the top of the tree.  Glue to the front top of the bag.  It is easier to copy these apples on red paper but if you prefer to have the students color them, then white copy paper will work.  Then cut them out.

Now, here’s where you have some choices.  Have the students practice their words.  They can either glue the apples on the tree OR just place them on the tree.  If you choose the second option, put the apples in the bag and send the activity home to practice as a game!  Otherwise, just send the activity home for extra practice.

You can use this activity with any apple themed book you may have on your bookshelf!

What is your favorite apple craft?

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