Books for Speech Therapy

Using “Chrysanthemum” in Speech Therapy

So basically every speech therapist on my Instagram feed is going back to school this week.  When I worked in the schools, I LOVED to use "Chrysanthemum" in our first week speech therapy sessions.  Like super puffy heart loved it!  In fact, I used a few of Kevin Henkes' books during those first few weeks. … Continue reading Using “Chrysanthemum” in Speech Therapy

Themed Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Theme Review: Ocean

Last week we talked about the beach in speech therapy.  It was only fitting that we have an ocean theme this week.  Sometimes, I am really on top of my game and I coordinate this theme with Shark Week.  But this year?  Guess I wasn't on top of things.   Ocean Books for Speech Therapy… Continue reading Speech Therapy Theme Review: Ocean

Parent Tips

Family Outings That Secretly Work on Language!

Summer's almost over.  Why not get in some last minute fun family outings?  I have some suggestions for some fun that you can secretly sneak language into!  I did my best to keep them cheap because let's face supplies and school clothes get expensive.  Especially if you are shopping for more than one child. The… Continue reading Family Outings That Secretly Work on Language!