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National Waffle Day Fun!

Did you know that today is National Waffle Day?  I know…I’m not sure why the banks didn’t shut down either.  While I am not a big breakfast eater, I sure do love a good waffle.  So today in honor of this “major” holiday, I am bringing you some fun ideas to use with the kids!  You know I think having kids in the kitchen is a great way to enrich language!!!  What’s so great about cooking with this kids?  Only EVERYTHING!  As a parent, you can teach skills in a natural environment.  At school, it’s all “fake.”  Measuring is abstract as at school but at home it’s REAL!  You are actually measuring flour and sugar.  If you miss up, there’s real consequences like your waffles taste yucky!  Sequencing, following directions, asking questions, requesting ingredients, vocabulary…oh my gosh, I could go on and on.

Waffle Recipes to Encourage Language Skills

Rainbow Waffle

Rainbow Waffles

These rainbow waffles from are downright adorable!  You can easily work with your kids on learning colors with this recipe!!  Perfect for those preschoolers struggling with requesting items, colors and older kids that need help with following directions and spatial concepts (under, above, on, etc).

Pencil Waffles

Back to School Breakfast: Pencil Waffles

Back to School Waffles?  PERFECT for this week!  I wished I had found this before my kids started back this week!  How cute are these pencil waffles from The Joys of Boys?!  Once the waffles are made, talk with your kiddos about what we use pencils for (object function), other writing tools (categories) and how a pencil looks (describing).  These are all great ways to encourage language.

Christmas Tree Waffles

Christmas Breakfast Ideas for Kids - Waffles

Ok, no I am on a crazy Christmas kick in this hot Texas August.  I just thought these were really cute and had to be added to the list!  So you can go on over to The Best Ideas for Kids and pin this to one of your Pinterest boards.  I love this one because you can talk about top, middle and bottom with your kids.  Shapes is another concepts that would be easy to target-tree (triangle pieces), sprinkles (circles) and of course the star on top!

If it’s too late in the day to have one of these for breakfast, how about dinner?


Need more ideas to incorporate language skills?  Try this one!



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