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How I Use Wodney Wat in Speech Therapy

One of my favorite books to read in speech therapy is “Hooway for Wodney Wat.”   I love to read it at the beginning of the year! Obviously, it is great for my /r/ kids but I think it teaches all the kids a little something.  It’s this great story of a little rodent, with zero self-confidence, standing up to the big bully, Camilla.  It is definitely a book that every SLP needs on her/his shelf!

Articulation Activities for Speech Therapy

I came up with some fun activities for you to use with your students.  The craft below is perfect for your articulation clients.  It’s easy prep too!  Cut out a large triangle (grey), two large circles (grey), 3 smaller circles (pink) and a speech bubble (from any color!)  You will need two wiggle eyes and you can substitute a pink pom pom for the nose.  Glue it all together on a piece of construction paper.  In the speech bubble, the students can write words or draw pictures of things with their target sound.  Can’t draw?  Cut out pictures from magazines!!  This is a great activity to do in speech therapy during the first week of school.  Get the kiddos talking about their targets!

Wodney Wat Articulation Craft
Super Easy Wodney Wat Articulation Craft

You could also turn this same cute craft into a paper bag book similar to the one here.  Make the cover just as pictured.  Inside the book, have the students write words, draw/glue pictures of objects with their sounds.  Then send them home for extra practice!!!

Language Activities for Speech Therapy

There are so many fun things you can do with this book!

1. Talk about character traits.  What makes a good friend?  Bad friend?

2.  Play Simon Says to work on following directions!

3.  Give wacky directions to see if they students are listening.  For example tell them to “Hop on one ear.”  Talk about  if you can do that.  What should the real direction be?  Correct the direction and then do it!

4.  Compare Camilla and Rodney.  Or better yet, compare your self to Rodney or Camilla!

These are just few ideas!  I have included a set of freebies for this book!  There  are 2 compare/contrast activities, one story element activity AND homework for both language and articulation (TWO PAGES EACH!) You can find the entire set in my free resource library. Sign up here!

Wodney Wat Story Elements for Speech Therapy

What are your favorite books to use for back to school? I have 5 of my favorites to use in your speech therapy sessions this year!

Back to School Books to use In speech therapy

Need more back to school fun?  How about Chrysanthemum?

Here’s a to a great school year for you!!!

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