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Cow Craft for Speech Therapy

Last week, our theme in speech therapy was farm animals.  One of my favorite books to use in therapy is “Click, Clack Moo: Cows that Type.”  I use it with my school age kids.  After I explain what a typewriter is, the kids enjoy the book.  This is the first year for this craft to be on the lesson plan and I LOVE it!!!

Cow Craft For Speech Therapy


Craft Supplies for Speech Therapy

Large Paper Plate

Wiggle Eyes

Black and Pink Construction Paper

Scissors, Glue, White Crayon

To Use the Craft in Speech Therapy


Cut out all your pieces ahead of time.  I cut out horns, ears, a few spots (5-6) and a nose.  Each time a child produces a word, he earns a piece to glue on the plate.  I wrote our target words (with the white crayon) on the spots.  We glued the nose on first and then added around it.  Continue until you have all the pieces glued on.  Draw two lines on the nose and you are finished!

Cow Craft for Speech Therapy



This craft can be used two ways for language therapy.  You can use it similar to the artic craft-as a reinforcement activity as they complete language tasks.  But for the preschool population, you can work on increased MLU, “more,” eyes, ears, etc.  Your client can work on using “I want/need…” to request pieces to the craft.

Cow Craft for Speech Therapy

Our farm theme in speech therapy was lots of fun.  With both activities, I was able to reinforce language and articulation easily and keep the kids engaged!  All are big wins!!!

Need some more ideas for crafts?



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