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Speech Chick’s Friday Favs: School Supplies

“Get in loser.  We’re going shopping!”  Shopping for school supplies that is!!  I have no idea what it is about walking the aisles of my local office supply store that is absolutely calming and satisfying.  (Please tell me I am not the only one!)  I laugh when a sales associate ask me if I need help.  Please…I know this store better than you do!

School Supplies for Speech Therapy

As you can see, I could go on and on about my love for office supplies, but I won’t.  Today, I am bringing my favorite school supplies.  These are generally always in my therapy bag or have worked their way into a craft!

School Supply #1: Flair Pens

I mean, seriously how could you not use flair pens?  They are fabulous.  All the bright colors.  The way they write on the paper, making my handwriting so pretty.  There can clearly not be enough said about the greatness of flair pens.  So if you don’t have these in your therapy room or bag, you must stop what you are doing and BUY THEM!  Unless you are reading this blog post…then finish it, make you list, and go shopping!

The struggle is real…the flair pen struggle that is!

School Supply #2: Scented Markers

Kids LOVE these!!  I have both the broad tip and fine tip markers.  The colors are bright and they leave the paper smelling yummy.  Since I see many little ones, we don’t write a lot with them.  I write their names and target words on their paper.  For older kids, you could do a lot with them…rainbow writing with their target words, underlining their target sounds in newspapers, etc.

School Supply #3: Planner

I am a paper planner girl.  I find joy in writing down all of my appointments every week and checking them off after I see them.  There is something glorifying and satisfying about it.  If you are a paper planner like me, you know what I am talking about.  I currently have the “Happy Planner” that I love!  Plenty of space for me to write my appointments for the day, “to do” list, and the kids’ activities.  I replaced the soft plastic cover that came with it for a hard cover so that it was more durable.  I am trying to make myself “pretty it up” with stickers and washi tape.  We’ll see how that goes!

Product Details

School Supply #4: Basics

After I buy my kids’ school supplies, I go shopping for mine!  This is when I stock up on crayons, glue, sharpies, washable markers, and pocket folders!  I use pocket folders in certain colors- pink, purple, and turquoise.  I use them to organize students’ work ( later post coming soon!) as well as pack with marketing gear for my doctor’s offices and daycares.  This is them time to buy all this stuff CHEAP!  Why buy crayons in December for $2  when I have 12 boxes sitting in my cabinet that I bought on sale 2 for $1?  Sometimes, I will buy a new supplies box or scissors.

School Supply #5: Pencil Bags

Buy your pencil bags now!!  You can use them to store puzzle pieces.  Use them to make busy bags.  I have one that I bought last year for a Halloween activity.  They make great storage for things other than pencils!  The upside to buying them now is you get your pick of all the cute ones!!

What are your must have supplies for back to school?

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