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Speech Therapy Theme Review: Ocean

Last week we talked about the beach in speech therapy.  It was only fitting that we have an ocean theme this week.  Sometimes, I am really on top of my game and I coordinate this theme with Shark Week.  But this year?  Guess I wasn’t on top of things.

Ocean Speech Therapy Activities


Ocean Books for Speech Therapy

I have a few different ones that I use, depending on goals, attention span and such.  The one I used the most is “The Commotion in the Ocean.”  My version is a pop up book so it’s shorter than the paperback format.  Kids love lifting the flaps to find the starfish hidden (HINT: SPATIAL CONCEPTS!!)

Ocean book for speech therapy

For my tots and young preschoolers, I used a great little hidden picture book.  (I can’t remember where I found it but you can find it here.)  It’s short and to the point and engaging!!!  My little guys could not wait for me to slide the picture into view!

Ocean Book for Speech Therapy

My last book was used for my older kiddos.  Usborne and More has a great series called Shine the Light.  It is super freakin’ awesome is what it is!  But wait…I am just talking about the Secrets of the Seashore in this post.  You will have to wait on my “elaborate love fest” post for these books later this month.  Grab a flashlight ( I used the one on my phone) and your clients are instantly ENGAGED throughout the entire book!  I included a link above to a dear friend’s shop (so you are supporting her little family completely.  No affiliate link here!) for you to shop this book.  You better go ahead and a grab a few more because I have LOTS more recommendations coming at you!

Picture of Shine-A-Light: Secrets of the Seashore

Ocean Activities for Speech Therapy

I currently have an interactive positions book for ocean animals in my TpT store.  It is a top seller.  Make sure you are following my TpT store to get all the updates on new products!

Ocean Animal Positions! Interactive Book

Some other great toys I used was Melissa and Doug’s magnetic puzzle as well as their chunky wooden puzzle.  (Both are HUGE favorites with the little guys!)  This counting fish toy is another huge hit.  I use it work on colors, requesting more, and the concept “in.”

Ocean Activities for Speech Therapy

And that app?  It’s adorable and you need it in your therapy session!  It’s called “Peek-A-Boo Sea” by doo dah boo dreamware solutions.  There is also a “Peek-A-Boo Ocean” made by the same company.  Super cute and super interactive!

Ocean Craft for Speech Therapy

This craft was so easy to put together!  All I needed was purple paper, strips and eyes!  I cut out an octopus head and 8 strips for the tentacles.  For the activity below, my little friend had to name the animal and then use the carrier phrase “I see a…” to work on increased MLU.  My artic clients had strips with their target words on them.  They had to produce them 5x before gluing the tentacle on.  For older kids working on grammar, they can write sentences with correct grammar on each tentacle.

Octopus craft for speech therapy

You could easily pair this theme with a beach theme!

What’s your favorite ocean animal themed activity?

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