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Cute Cactus Craft for Speech Therapy

Today, my daughter turns 16. In honor of her birthday, I am bringing you a craft you can use in speech therapy inspired by one of her favorite things-cactus! This one could easily be adapted for articulation or language. So have fun with it!

Cactus Craft for Speech Therapy

Here’s What You Need

Cactus Craft for Speech Therapy

The wiggle eyes are completely optional.  I almost did not put them on the cactus.  But once I did, the birthday girl thought it was cute.  Cut a cactus shape out of green construction paper.  Make small squares from the pink tissue paper.  Use as many as you would like!

Assembling the Craft for Speech Therapy

As the child produces a speech or language task correctly, he can glue a pink flower or draw a thorn on the cactus.  I glued all the pink flowers on mine first.  Then filled it with thorns.  To finish it off, glue 2 wiggle eyes and draw a happy face in the middle!  Once the craft is completed, sequence the steps needed to make the craft.  This is a great language activity I like to do when we are finished.

This craft is perfect for a desert theme, plant theme or even a state theme-hint hint all you Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada SLPs out there!  I plan to add it to my Texas theme in the spring.  Have fun with it.  Glue the cactus to black construction paper so that all the bright colors really pop.  Or display on a desert scene outside your therapy room (if you are lucky enough to have one!)

Need some more fun craft ideas to use in your speech therapy sessions?


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