Speech Chick’s Friday Favs: Podcasts

Something I recently discovered is the podcast. Now I’m addicted! Like seriously, “get in my car and start a motivating podcast and never switch to the radio” addicted. I listen to mostly business related podcasts that are by women. I guess that is what I am drawn to since I am a female business owner. I am going to share my two favorites that I am currently listening to…both are ran by awesome-ingly (that’s a word right?) inspiring women!  Oh, and these are not in order of favorites.  Again, I can’t pick just one super favorite!


Favorite Podcast #1

“Being Boss” is a podcast I found a couple of weeks ago.  I have been hooked ever since!  It is ran by two women that run their own agencies in the creative world.  While they are not speech therapists, I still find ways to apply most of the information to my business.  The principles are still the same and they provide some great insight into the business world.  I love that they have a private Facebook group as well that is full of great business-minded women all trying to make a name in this world!  Super motivating!  Go check it out on ITunes!

Favorite Podcast #2

A new podcast that I just found this week is called “Boss Up” by Lindsay Teague Moreno.  I like her podcasts for several reasons.  For one, she’s real!  There’s no fake front that she’s putting up.  Another reason is her podcasts are short-like around 15-20 minutes.  She gets to the meat and potatoes of her point so you get the information quick.  Depending on my drive, I can listen to a podcast of hers between clients.  One of my favorite parts is she starts each podcast with the wine she is currently drinking!  Another favorite is she ends with a funny real life mom experience!  So many of these podcasters are all business, marketing, accounting, etc.  Lindsay is real!  Definitely one you need to check out!

I am currently planning a new podcast for SLPs that I am hoping to have in the fall!  It’s geared toward helping other SLPs market themselves whether it be a private practice, TpT store, blog or just themselves!!  Shooting for a super upbeat, motivating while still being informational!  Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter so that you are current.

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